LensVillage eCommerce Development


LensVillage.com is one of the largest online web shops selling circle lenses and color contacts to international market including US, Europe, Middle East and Asia countries.

OWL Digital assists LensVillage in developing their eCommerce platform from scratch and integrate Malaysia payment gateway with specific banks to receive international payments. The challenges involved most often require API and technical skills not present in the acquiring banks and OWL Digital is an ideal partner in working with the banks to provide customised payment gateway solutions for online platform. 


OWL Digital developed the faceted search function for LensVillage, the dynamic clustering of items or search results into categories that let users drill into search results (or even skip searching entirely) by any value in any field. 


A Find Similar function is built to enable the shoppers to search similar items based on Category / Color / Attributes. 



LensVillage engaged with OWL Digital Studio in creating beautiful images for social media posting. Our creative team works closely with their social media executive for content creations, from planning campaign and executing product photoshooting. We assist them in  building and enhance brand visibility online, ultimately creating prospects for conversions.